PV Installation Professional (PVIP)

To qualify for the NABCEP PVIP exam, 58 hours of solar training are required, 40 of those hours must be advanced level courses.

Our PVIP course bundle provides 60 hours of advanced level training recognized by NABCEP. The course package includes PV221-70A, PV221-70B, PV222, PV223, PV224 and PV225

PV221-70A and B are National Electrical Code (NEC) courses pertaining to PV systems. 6 hours each = 12 hoursPVIP3
PV222 covered interactive PV system design. 12 hours
PV223 covers troubleshooting and maintenance. 6 hours
PV224 covers PV systems with energy storage. 18 hours
PV225 covers PV systems with energy storage. 12 hours

When taken separately, the total course price adds up to $1635. When purchased as a package the total price is $985.

Once you have registered for the PVIP course package, you may request access to our PV210 PV Sales and Cost Analysis course. This course is $325 when purchased separately. It is not a required part of the PVIP package but it will provide you with an understanding of the sales and cost analysis aspects of PV systems. It will also provide you with 12 solar training hours that are not considered advanced level for PVIP certification.



Completion of Solairgen training courses will provide the individual with an expanded knowledge and understanding of the construction trade. These courses are supplemental and not primary to become a licensed professional construction contractor.