Solar PV Panel System Design with
Hands-on Installation Workshop

PV203 System Design and Installation

4 Days (M-T) – $1275.00 – PV System Design with Hands-on Lab

Calendar: PV203 Class Dates

solar panel installation workers on a liftPrerequisite: Completion of Solairgen’s PV201 Online course or proof of having completed an accredited 40 hour introductory PV course prior to the PV203 class registration deadline.

This nationally certified skills training course will teach you to design and install PV systems at the professional level. After this workshop, you should be prepared to get in the solar installation industry as a highly skilled professional solar PV system installer. Hours 8:30am – 6:30pm

Online Bonus: PV210 PV Sales and Cost Analysis:
For your benefit, our 12 hour PV210 Technical Sales course is provided at no additional charge. PV210 is $325 when taken separately.

Completion of Solairgen training courses will provide the individual with an expanded knowledge and understanding of the construction trade. These courses are supplemental and not primary to become a licensed professional construction contractor.

Supports NABCEP PV Installation Professional, PV Installation Specialist, PV Design Specialist, PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist and PV Technical Sales Professional JTAs.


Learn all aspects of design and installation of solar panel PV systems in this nationally accredited, hands-on lab.


To ensure competence and confidence, the class will install and commission a complete grid-interactive PV system as a team. You will learn how to correctly apply NEC code requirements when configuring and installing interactive and battery based PV systems. The course is comprised of 70% class time and 30% lab time.

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Upcoming Workshop Dates and Calendar


Solar  PV Training Workshop March 2023 May 2023 July 2023
PV203 PV System Design and Installation 20th – 23rd 1st – 4th 24th – 27th
Registration Deadlines March 5th April 17th July 9th
Enrollment Filled Open  Open
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See what PV203 covers by weekday:

Detailed PV203 Outline


    • Evaluate PV cell technology and module characteristics
    • Building a PV array and calculating PV system performance
    • LAB: Voc and Isc measurements
    • Residential PV array mounting considerations
    • PV array structural load calculations
    • LAB: Installing residential racking
    • Commercial racking systems and inter-row shading calculations
    • LAB: Install commercial racking
    • Reviewing safety and OSHA


    • NEC articles and tables for PV systems:
      • Conductor and grounding requirements
      • Conductor protection
      • Equipment requirements
      • AC capacity limitations
    • LAB: NEC compliance.
    • AC Electrical Systems
    • Utility interactive inverters and systems
    • LAB: Optimizer installation and Micro-inverter installation
    • Residential interactive PV system configuration
      • Configuration examples and exercise
    • Commercial interactive PV system configuration
      • Configuration example
    • LAB: Interactive inverters


    • Energy storage systems
      • Batteries and Charge controllers
      • Battery Inverters
      • Self-consumption PV system design
      • Off-grid and bimodal PV system design
    • LAB: Battery storage systems
    • Final exam


    • Exam review
    • PV inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting
    • LAB: Inspecting and testing components of PV systems
    • LAB: Installation and commission complete interactive PV system