PV Installation Professional (PVIP)

Solar Training Pathway to PVIP

NABCEP Certifications:

Notice: PV201 or equivalency is a requirement for all Solairgen advanced courses.

PV Installation Professional (PVIP): This is the highest level of certification in the solar PV industry. This certification shows that you have the ability to properly specify, adapt, implement, configure, install, inspect, and maintain any type of photovoltaic system, including grid-connected and stand-alone systems that meet the performance and reliability needs of customers in the United States and Canada.

Requirement for Advanced PV training: Complete 58 solar PV training hours; 40 of which must be advanced level. 

Solairgen Recommended Courses:

The 18 non-advanced training hours can be attained from several sources. If you have those hours, you only need 40 advanced training hours.

Passing the NABCEP PVA exam provides 18 non-advanced hours. PV201 is the prerequisite to site for that exam.

PV201  PV Design and Installation

Advanced training hours

Complete PVIP package: If you know the basics of solar PV systems but do not have any qualifying training hours, the following course bundle will provided it.

60 hours:  Online – PV221-70A & B, PV222, PV223, PV224 and PV225
$1590 total if taken separately,
$985 if purchased as a bundle  –  See course bundles

PV221-70A PV Systems and the NEC – 6 hours – $185
PV Circuit Conductor Requirements

PV221-70B PV Systems and the NEC – 6 hours – $185
PV Equipment and Service Requirements Includes 2 hours fire safety

PV222 Interactive PV Configuration – 12 hours – $325
Includes 6 hours NEC and 2 hours building & fire code

PV223 Maintenance & Troubleshooting – 6 hours – $325

PV224 Energy Storage PV System Configuration – 18 hours – $385
Includes 6 hours NEC and 2 hours building & fire code

PV225 Utility Scale PV System Design – 12 hours – $325
Includes 12 hours NEC and 2 hours building & fire code

Solairgen is an IREC Accredited Training Provider, a NABCEP registered provider for the Associate Credential exam and a NABCEP registered provider of continuing education.