PV222 Interactive PV System Configuration

12 Advanced Credit Hours – ONLINE & SELF-PACED – $325.00

NABCEP approved for certification and re-certification (6 NEC credits & 6 design & configuration credits; includes 2 hours Building and Fire Safety code)


Completion of Solairgen training courses will provide the individual with an expanded knowledge and understanding of the construction trade. These courses are supplemental and not primary to become a licensed professional construction contractor.

Inman-ArrayThis course includes 8 lesson presentations covering the most crucial aspects of Interactive PV system configuration and design with mixed Question and Answer (Q & A) exercises to allow each student to monitor and assess their progress throughout this self-paced presentation.

Complete the lessons at your own pace as your work and family schedule allows with 24 hour/7 days a week access. Once enrolled you have 52 weeks to complete the course.

Course outline:

  1. The Physical Design and Layout
    • Access to the roof and equipment
    • Energy density for the space
    • Calculating for shadow avoidance
  2. Physical Loads
    • Calculating physical roof loads
    • Calculating material strength
  3. Inverter Capacity Configuration
    • Matching the PV array to inverter operating parameters
      • PV array to inverter size limitations
      • temperature affects voltage output from the PV cells
    • Configuring modules and arrays to inverters
      • configuring with PV optimizers
  4. Selecting Conductors and Conduit
    • PV source circuits and output circuits
    • Inverter output circuits
    • Equipment grounding conductors
    • Conduit for the application
  5. Interconnection Capacity and System labeling
    • Interactive service connections
      • utility side connections
      • customer side connections
    • Labeling the PV system
  6. Residential PV System Designing
    • Steps in designing residential PV systems
      • gathering preliminary site data
      • performing a site survey
      • preliminary system design
      • detailed system design
      • estimating system performance
  7. Commercial PV System Designing – Roof Mounts
    • Steps in designing commercial roof-mounted PV systems
      • identify the site and design parameters
      • develop initial layout drawings
      • design the PV system
      • inspect the system and run a performance test
  8. Commercial PV System Designing – Ground Mounts
    • Steps in designing commercial ground-mounted PV systems
      • identify site and design parameters
      • develop initial layout drawings
      • design the PV system
      • inspect the system and run a performance test


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A strong foundation of PV systems knowledge or experience is necessary prior to enrolling in this course.

Internet access is required to participate in online training.