NOTE: All solar training classes below are approved by NABCEP for advanced training hours required to sit for NABCEP certifications and NABCEP re-certification requirements. 

Prerequisite: Completion of PV201 Online, or equivalent accredited solar PV course. 

Equinox Image for Solar Calculations

PV202 PV Technical Design

24 hours - $425

This course instructs on the technical design requirements for residential interactive, residential energy storage systems and commercial interactive PV systems; the course also includes a maintenance and troubleshooting segment. We recommend taking this course prior to the PV220 series courses...See More

NEC 2017 Image

PV221 (A, B & C): PV Systems & the NEC

6 hours each - $185

Three courses, PV221-70(A), PV221-70(B) and PV221-70(C)  cover the 2017 & 2020 NEC code articles pertaining to (A) PV circuit conductor requirements, (B) Equipment and interconnection requirements and (C) PV systems with energy storage. Each class provides 6 credit hours. Purchase separately. See More

Solar Farm

PV222: Interactive Solar PV Configuration

12 hours - $325

This course teaches physical, mechanical and electrical aspects of interactive PV system configuration and design. It covers residential and commercial systems for ground and roof mounts with micro-inverters and string inverters - with and without PV optimizers. NABCEP approved for 6 NEC hours & 6 Technical Design hours. See More

 Infra Red Image of Solar PV Panel Damage

PV223: PV Maintenance and Troubleshooting

6 hours - $185

This course teaches maintenance and troubleshooting requirements for residential, commercial and battery backup PV systems. It covers PV system component failure modes and the equipment necessary to test for failure and the prevention of failures. NABCEP approved for 6 Technical Design hours for PV Installer Professional Certification and recertification. See More

Solar battery bank


PV224: Energy Storage PV System Configuration

18 hours - $385

Not many courses delve into battery systems because they're complex and can be difficult to design - but this course does.  You'll be able to design and install reliable off-grid or hybrid PV systems when you complete this course. NABCEP approved for 18 credits for PV Installer Professional Certification and recertification. See More

Large Solar Farm in the Mountains

PV225 Utility Scale PV System Design

12 hours - $325

This 12-hour online self-paced course includes 8 lesson presentations covering the most crucial aspects designing of Utility Scale Interactive PV systems. The course material follows the NABCEP PVIP JTA guidelines and the NEC...See More

Solar PV Inspector Cropped


PV403: Inspecting Solar PV Systems

2 hours - $65

This course is written specifically for all who currently, or are planning to inspect PV systems for code compliance. Course material spans both the 2014 and 2017 NEC with the differences in each manual highlighted. This course consists of three audio and text presentations, with PDF copies for permanent download. See More