PV224 – Energy Storage PV System Configuration

18 Advanced Credit Hours – ONLINE  & SELF-PACED – $385.00

{To fight inflation, the cost of PV224 is temporarily reduced to $295}

NABCEP Approved for Certification and Re-certification (Provides 12 of the required design and configuration credits including 6 hours NEC and 2 hours Building and Fire Safety Code)

Battery System Diagram Used for Solar Classes

Expand your professional knowledge of stand-alone, multimodal and self-consumption PV systems. This course teaches how to design PV systems for off-grid and grid-tied applications. It includes designing for PV well pumps, remote lighting, off-grid living, grid-tied systems with backup energy storage as well as for self-consumption systems for load shifting and peak shaving.

This course includes presentation material covering the most crucial aspects of stand-alone and multimodal battery PV system configuration and design. It also includes mixed question/answer exercises throughout the presentation.

Complete the lessons at your own pace as your work and family schedule allows with 24 hour/7 days a week access. Once enrolled you have 52 weeks to complete the course.


Completion of Solairgen training courses will provide the individual with an expanded knowledge and understanding of the construction trade. These courses are supplemental and not primary to become a licensed professional construction contractor.

Course outline:

  1. Physical Loads on Components and Structures
    • Roof loads and attachments
    • Ground mount loads and supports
    • Calculating for shadow avoidance
  2. PV System Design Parameters
    • AC Electrical standard voltage
    • Inverter types for energy storage
    • Designing PV systems for the purpose
      • Stand alone – multimodal
      • Self-consumption and peak shifting
    • Self-consumption without stand-alone function
  3. Energy Storage Batteries
    • Lead acid (FLA, AGM, PLC, OPzV
    • Lithium Ion (NMC, LFP)
    • Nickel-Iron
    • Redux Flow
  4. Charge Controllers and Stand-alone DC Systems
    • PWM and MPPT types
    • Remoting lighting controllers
    • Off-grid well pumps
    • PV attic ventilators
  5. The NEC and PV with Energy Storage
    • PV circuit sizing
    • Requirements for PV disconnects
    • Grounding requirements
    • Dedicated space for equipment and working
    • Battery Requirements
  6. Inverter System Designs
    • Types and Classifications of Inverter for Energy Storage Systems
    • Examples of Residential Inverter and Energy Storage Systems
    • Commercial Inverters and Energy Storage Systems
  7. Designing Energy Storage Systems
    • Designing stand alone and multimodal Systems
      • Example 1: DC coupled design
    • Designing self-consumption systems with limited stand-alone capacity
      • Example 2: AC coupling design (string inverter)
      • Example 3: AC coupling design (micro-inverters)

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A strong foundation of PV system knowledge or experience is necessary prior to taking this course.

Internet access is required to participate in online.