Advanced PV Design and Installation Hands-On Workshops

PV203 Advanced PV System Design and Installation

Hands-on PV Installation Workshop, 40 hours (M-F)  IREC Accredited

This nationally accredited course trains you to enter the solar PV installation industry at the highest professional level.  Each class will install a complete interactive PV system from start to finish. Through classroom study, roof experience, and lab work, students learn every aspect of PV system design. Prerequisite: PV201 or an accredited 20 hour course, or a passing score on the NABCEP Entry Level Exam...Read More

PV204 Solar PV Systems with Energy Storage

24 Hours – $785.00 – 3 Day Hands-On Workshop & Lab

Be the “go-to” solar installer with the know-how to design and install PV systems with energy storage (battery back-up) for stand-alone and multi-modal systems that include bimodal interactive, grid backup, net zero, and self-consumption.

Solar electric system installations are growing across the U.S. and its future requires that we produce energy consistently. Diverting energy to temporary storage will make solar energy as flexible as any other energy source.