Solar PV Battery Systems Hands-On Workshop

PV204 Solar PV Systems with Energy Storage – Design and Installation

24 Hours – $785.00 – 3 Day Hands-On Workshop & Lab

Upcoming PV204 Class Date

Photo of Men in Front of Large Battery Bank

Be the “go-to” solar installer with the know-how to design and install PV systems with energy storage (battery back-up) for stand-alone and multi-modal systems that include bimodal interactive, grid backup, net zero, and self-consumption.

Solar electric system installations are

growing across the U.S. and its future requires that we produce energy consistently. Diverting energy to temporary storage will make solar energy as flexible as any other energy source.

Prerequisite: Completion of Solairgen’s PV201 Online course, or an equi

valent course. We also recommend completing either the PV202 online or PV203 hands-on course prior to enrolling in this course.

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This course includes hands-on design and installation methods for the leading solar battery storage PV systems:


  • Lead-acid
  • Lithium-ion
  • Saltwater
  • Redox flow
  • Nickel-ion batteries

Upcoming Workshop Dates and Calendar

Solar  PV Training Workshop August 2018 October 2018
PV204 Battery Systems – Energy Storage for Solar  13th  –  15th
 8th – 10th
Registration Deadlines August 3rd
Sept 28th


Here is what PV204 covers each day:

  • Designing stand-alone and bimodal PV systems
  • DC vs AC coupling designs
  • Interactive inverters for AC coupling
  • Generator selection and sizing – LAB
  • Example design: DC coupled bimodal PV configuration
  • Example design: AC coupled bimodal PV configuration
  • Self consumption PV system design
  • Commercial PV systems with energy storage


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