Online Solar Training: Solar PV Battery System Configuration

PV221-74 PV Battery System Configuration

12 Advanced online PV System training for Certification or Re-certification

Self-Paced – Online – $325

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Battery System Diagram Used for Solar ClassesThis course provides advanced training hours for NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification or NABCEP re-certification credits.

Expand your professional knowledge of off-grid, stand-alone PV Battery based systems in this online solar class. This course provides 6 NEC credits and 6 design and configuration credits.

This course includes presentation material covering the most crucial aspects of stand alone and bimodal battery PV system configuration and design. It also includes mixed question/answer exercises throughout the presentation.

Here is a short syllabus of the course:

  • AC and DC load analysis
  • General guidelines for sizing battery system components
  • Battery types, use and design parameters
  • DC energy controllers and converters
  • Inverters for stand alone and bimodal applications
  • Generator sizing and PV system integration
  • Battery configuration example
  • Battery configuration assignment

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A strong foundation of PV system knowledge or experience is necessary prior to taking this course.

This course provides 12 NABCEP approved training hours for certification and re-certification (CE) credits. PV221-74 was designed by Mr. Kelly Provence, an IREC Certified Master PV Trainer, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional and NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales Rep. Mr. Provence is also a licensed Master Electrician with over 30 years in the electrical construction and PV installation and training industry.

Internet access is required to participate in online.

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