Man Installing Solar PV Panels



Installer Connecting Wiring to Solar PV Array



"I really enjoyed this class. Working at my own pace has been great for me. The study guides were helpful to give me an idea of portions I may not have fully grasped before taking the graded quizzes. Kelly's responses to my quiz results were very timely and constructive. I look forward to learning more from Kelly in the future".

Chase C.

"The course was really great, the staff was very responsive and eager to help me make the most of the course."

Jean C.

"I thought it was great, there is not much to improve. I found that some of the harder equations could have used some more explanation or example but it was easy to learn because if something was missed you could just go back in the video. Nothing was missed."

Dustin W.

"I think it's a very good class. It is comprehensive and goes to the best of what is real world in the PV systems."

Steve M.

"The instructor was excellent and very helpful."

Eddie S.

"The training is perfect, and the fact that I can do it at my own pace make it worth investing in."

C. Adesina

"Love your classes and I appreciate all your help."

Joseph F.