Solar Training Students

About Solairgen

IREC Logo Training ProviderSolairgen was the first privately held solar training class company in the eastern U.S. Our IREC Accredited solar training programs continue to provide students with the highest quality learning experience through state-of-the-art distance learning, classroom and workshops, and equipment used in our training programs. We offer complete, nationally accredited, online training and PV installation workshop programs for solar PV design and installation, as well as IREC Accredited online training for PV Sales and Design (Technical Sales).

Our online classes can be taken anywhere there is internet, but students come from all 50 United States to participate in our hands-on workshop, PV203 System Design and Installation. Many students come from outside the U.S. such as the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Eastern countries including India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Solairgen prepares you for a career in solar installation, and can lead you to national certification as a PV Installation Professional and/or a PV Technical Sales/Business Professional. Students may begin their training with our online PV201 then advance their training and knowledge with PV203 System Design and Installation, PV-221 Advanced online training, then prepare for industry certification in our NABCEP PV Installer and PV Technical Sales Exam Preparation classes. Please see our Home page for more information about our comprehensive career training classes program – or call if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your career plans: 706-867-0678 or 800-262-7560.